Mirrors in Auckland

Whether you are in need of a mirror for a dance studio, or are simply trying to make your bathroom look larger and brighter, United Glass Auckland can deliver and install mirrors Auckland wide for homes and businesses alike.

Mirrors today are not limited to functionality but have become an important decorative element in interior design. Cut to a template or pattern and virtually any shape, the mirrors we offer may be further customised using polished/bevelled edges or sandblasted/painted borders. Installation may be via the use of screws & domes, clips, channel or they may just simply be glued into place.
Residential mirror

Custom Mirrors for Any Application

We offer mirrors for the following applications:
  • Bathroom – We install large mirrors that will make your bathroom look brighter and bigger; we also stock full-length mirror, as well as small mirrors for close-ups. 
  • Decorative – Make your space look both stylish and functional with a decorative mirror from United Glass Auckland. Whether you need a mirror for behind the bar or lining the walls of your pub or club, we can customise mirrors to go well with your interiors.
  • Dance studio - You want everyone attending the studio to check their form, and that is where our dance studio mirrors come in. We install mirrors high enough and wide enough for different activities like yoga and ballet.
  • Gym – We install front and side gym mirrors properly so they work well even for those standing on a treadmill or a stair-climber.

Highly Experienced Mirror Installers

Whether you need a mirror in your home or a wall-to-wall mirror for a newly built gym, our highly experienced and qualified installers can easily work around lights, cut-outs and more to make sure the mirrors perfectly fit the space. We will also size and cut the mirror for the surface area using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. If you wish, we can even help you determine the best design and style for your project and budget.New Paragraph
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