Glass Solutions in Auckland

Modern glass provides the opportunity to add design impact and functional solutions to your home or business environment. Whether you want to reduce noise, regulate room temperatures or increase building security and safety, there is a glass solution for you.
  • Insulation
  • Sound Proofing
  • Safety First
  • Security
  • Fade Protection
  • Frameless Glass
glass solutions


Cool in summer

cool in summer
Tinted performance glass keeps your indoor environment cooler during the warmest months. Glass can reduce heat, glare and UV radiation, and even improve your privacy.

Adding a subtle touch of colour to your glass can take the edge off the summer heat and give your home an extra dimension of style. Although tinted glass reduces heat radiation, there is a minimal loss of natural light.

Glare is also significantly reduced with tinted glass enabling you to enjoy your favourite view on even the brightest of days. 

Tinted glass is ideally suited to those areas that face greatest exposure to the sun. At the end of a hot summer's day, your interior environment will be cooler and more comfortable - so your family can settle down for a good night's sleep.

Cosy in winter

cosy in winter
By reducing heat loss between the cosy warmth inside and cold weather outside, you can enjoy a more comfortable living environment and save on energy costs.

Insulating Glass Units (IGUs – commonly known as double glazing) should be viewed as a necessity not a luxury. The energy savings can be enormous – heat transfer can be reduced by as much as 70% when compared with typical 4mm single glazing - and you’ll enjoy a healthier, more comfortable environment as a result. An added benefit is the reduction of unsightly, damaging condensation, mould and mildew.

Coming home is always a welcoming experience with double-glazing. Take off your heavy clothing and relax - whatever the weather. No more draughty corners or cold rooms. Heavy drapes won’t be required to keep heat in, so you have a greater choice of window furnishings. You can also increase your total window area and enhance the natural light, giving better views. 

Double-glazing will also reduce noise, keep temperatures cool in summer and increase the resale value of your property.

Sound Proofing

Peace and quiet

As the world becomes more crowded and urban living more concentrated, there is an increasing need to screen out noise to create the peaceful environment we all crave.

There’s a range of performance and insulating glasses to choose from that will provide the right level of noise reduction for your property. At first glance, these performance glasses look no different to standard glass. But the secret lies in the sound-absorbing resin that bonds them together.  

These performance glasses can be customized by incorporating tints, decorative enhancements or even self-cleaning coating and can usually be retrofitted so you shouldn’t even need to fit new window frames.
sleeping in a comfy sun-lit room


Safe & Sound

Safety glass protects everyone in your building from major injury because it's stronger and doesn't shatter into dangerous shards.

ACC statistics have helped us to pinpoint danger zones, particularly those related to glass breakages. Patio doors, shower enclosures and glass table tops fall into the ‘high risk’ category. Conservatories, pool surrounds and balustrades are likely targets for object impact accidents.

There are two kinds of safety glass: 

Toughened Safety Glass has the same appearance as standard glass, but is up to five times stronger. It breaks into granules instead of shards and is far less likely to cause injury. 

Laminated Safety Glass has an internal layer of resin or vinyl film. When broken, it stays in one piece because the shards adhere to the internal layer.  

Safety glass can be customised by incorporating tints and decorative enhancements and can provide better noise control, privacy and anti-fade performance.
safety glass


Get Peace of Mind

Home invasion and burglary are a fact of modern life, but careful use of Laminated Safety Glass (LSG) minimizes risks.  

Laminated glass is difficult to break and even once broken, it stays in place. This is due to the glass' internal layer of resin or vinyl, to which the broken shards of glass adhere.

In extreme situations you can choose various types of bandit-resistant or bullet-resistant glasses. These are designed to withstand attacks from hammers and other projectiles or to resist penetration by bullets and other high speed objects.

The effectiveness of Laminated Safety Glass has been well proven both in New Zealand and overseas. It is used in houses, schools, offices, retail stores, banks, hospitals, hotels and prisons. If security is a concern, LSG will give you peace of mind.
security glass

Fade Protection

Keep Fade Away

You protect your eyes with good sunglasses so why not give your soft furnishings the same protection. By specifying anti-fade performance glass for your home, you will dramatically extend the lifespan and value of your furniture and carpet.

With standard glass, soft furnishings can show severe signs of fading over a short period of time. Wooden floors will also slowly change colour. Precious objects such as family photos, antiques and art works are also extremely vulnerable to UV rays and heat damage.

Fade Protection Glass is made by laminating two sheets of glass together with a specialized UV-absorbing resin. As well as preserving your home’s appearance, Fade Protection Glass qualifies as a Grade A Safety Glass giving you injury-protection too.

Fade Protection Glass can be customised by incorporating tints and decorative enhancements and can provide better noise control, privacy and safety performance.
fade protection

Frameless Glass

Create Space

Give your home an extra sense of space with the stylish, clean look of polished glass. Simplicity is the key to great interior design, and nothing could be simpler than the clean, clear lines of frameless glass.

When you need a barrier that doesn’t intrude, frameless glass is the leading contender. For balustrades, bathrooms, staircases and feature floors & walls, frameless glass has become a building material that expresses quality and contemporary design values.

In your bathroom where space and light are important as taps and towels, our DezignVue frameless shower enclosures provide an effective water barrier without creating dark corners. From a practical point of view, frameless glass is an inspired choice for your bathroom because it’s so easy to clean and maintain.

For balustrades and deck enclosures, toughened or laminated safety glass provides a functional barrier that is also easy on the eye. Panels can be shaped, frosted, coloured or screen printed to add extra personality to your surroundings. All the exposed edges of the glass are polished for safety and give them a fine quality finish. There are a range of fittings and posts to achieve a fully frameless or semi-frameless look.

It’s even possible to use frameless glass as a feature wall or for flooring – if you can dream it, we can make it. The sky’s the limit.
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